Exploring Mathematical Concepts and Philosophical Values in Jember Batik


Ethnomathematics are different ways of doing mathematics taking into account the academic mathematical knowledge developed by different sectors of society as well as taking into account the different modes in which different cultures negotiate their mathematical practices (ways of grouping, counting, measuring, designing tools, or playing). Based on this research, this study aims to describe the results of ethnomathematics exploration in Jember batik motifs. The method of analysis used in this research was a qualitative approac with an ethnographic design. Data collection techniques were observation, documentation, and interviews. This research was conducted at Rumah Batik Rolla Jember and Rezti'z Batik Tegalsari Ambulu Jember. The research was conducted for one week. The results of this study indicate that the ethnomathematics in the Jember batik motif has a philosophical value that describes the natural wealth of Jember Regency in each of its motifs, and there are mathematical concepts in the form of geometric transformation concepts (reflection, translation, rotation, and dilation) along with the concept of number patterns.