About Moraref

Moraref at glance

  MORAREF (Ministry of Religious Affairs' Reference) in an academic portal under the initiative of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia run by the association of journals, universities' publishers, and research centers under the administration of higher education division in the ministry. Journal Aljamiah Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University is particularly entrusted to this website.

Aim and Scope

  This portal is made with the aim at enhancing, facilitating digitalization and indexation of academic journals published by the institutions under the coordination of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia. These journals focuses not only on Islamic studies or religious studies, but also on other sciences or discipline related to these studies.

Our Mission

  MORAREF has a vital mission to dissiminate knowledge among scholars helping them to build network among them and develop their researches. In doing so, the MORAREF helps create dynamic research environment, cooperation among researchers, and better academic quality, and the portal can serve as a standard for the progress of researches and academic writings in the higher education under the ministry.

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