Model Perilaku Pencarian Informasi (Analisis Teori Perilaku Pencarian Informasi Menurut David Ellis)


Introduction. This paper will discuss about information seeking behavior. Information is the target that is sought after by all people. The amount of information becomes a necessity for humans. This information need refers to the public or users who really need information. Information needs can be used for all circles without exception. From this information need, information seeking behavior will arise as a means of seeking information to obtain the information you want to find. Behavior Information behavior is a pattern of human behavior in terms of the nature of information, both in the involvement of using and in the search for information. The behavior referred to here is how a person gets information through his behavior. Data Collection Methods. The method used in this paper is literature study where the data sources of this paper are books, magazines, journals and references related to information seeking behavior according to David Ellis so that it can be analyzed carefully. The process of collecting data goes through 3 processes, namely editing, organizing and finding Data Analysis In this paper, the author analyzes the data using the opinion or theory of David Ellis in information seeking behavior as the main reference Results and Discussion. Information seeking behavior according to David Ellis has several characteristics including starting as the initial stage in information search, chaining which is the stage to browse literature through quotes from books or journals, browsing which is the tracing stage, differentiating which is the screening stage of the sources obtained.,monitoring as a means of monitoring developments, extracting as a means of continuing the search, verifying which is the stage of checking the information that has been obtained, and finally ending as a cover for searching and searching for information. Conclusion. Based on the findings, David Ellis shows that  there are 8 characteristics of information seeking behavior, namely starting chaining browsing, differentiating monitoring, extracting, verifying ending.