Peran Pustakawan Dalam Menyiapkan Generasi Emas: Implementasi Literasi Informasi di SD Muhammadiyah Sapen Yogyakarta


Introduction. The golden generation is a generation that is able to compete globally with comprehensive intelligence, including productive, innovative, peaceful in social interactions, healthy and healthy in natural interactions, and superior civilization. Data Collection Method. This type of research is qualitative. Data were collected by in-depth interviews and direct observation. The validity of the data was tested through data triangulation. Analysis Data. The data is discussed with the big6 model of information literacy theory. Data analysis using library research method or literature study. Results and Discussion. Information literacy is the ability to recognize information needs and when information is needed, identify and locate information, evaluate information critically. Information literacy is one way to form a golden generation in the school environment. The big6 literacy model has 6 effective steps that can be used to solve problems, namely; task definition; information seeking strategies; location and access; use the information; synthesis; and evaluation. Conclusions. Implementation of this model requires planning methods and instructor competence. Implementation of information literacy at SD Muhammadiyah Sapen Yogyakarta in the form of library research that produces student work in the form of mini books