Robot Operating System (ROS) in Quadcopter Flying Robot Using Telemetry System


In this study implementing odometry using RVIZ on a quadcopter flying robot that uses the Pixhawk Cube firmware version 3.6.8 as the sub-controller. Then the Lenovo G400 laptop as the main-controller as well as the Ground Control Station using the ubuntu 16.04 Linux operating system. The ROS platform uses the Kinetic and MAVROS versions as a quadcopter platform package using MAVlink communication with the telemetry module. The odometry system was tested using Rviz as navigation for Quadcopter movements in carrying out movements that follow movement patterns in certain shapes and perform basic robot movements. Data were collected using a standard measuring instrument inclinometer as a measurement of the slope of the robot and visualization RVIZ as a visual display of the odometric robot. The results of the research obtained are that the flying robot can maneuver according to the shape on the RVIZ according to the movements carried out directly at the airport, as well as the effect of the roll angle on the quadcopter (negative left roll, positive right) and the pitch angle on the quadcopter (negative forward pitch, the pitch returns positive).