Kiai Abdul Hamid Pasuruan dan Kontribusinya untuk Moderasi Islam


Kiai Abdul Hamid Pasuruan is a phenomenal figure, even known by his conscience by layers of society. He has inherited many things related to the earthing of islamic values, especially in teaching islamic academic theory of Ahl Sunna wal al-jamaah. His legacies both of –his thought and his attitude for facing this life—that can be able to appease for people, up to now many people come to visit his grave for pilgrimaging destination. By him, Islam is served softly without fears to others.. Moreover, He was forwarding the happiness of others people, before his self was happy. This step is done based on his holistic understanding of islam, which is said that able to combine the logic of normative fiqh with substantial values sufism in the context of life and the large community. The combination of normativeity and sufism were ushering firmly and softly. It means, friendly in building the relationship with people. within the sphere of life practice.Kiai Hamid was able to invite people for doing the obligation of islam, while in the context of persuading and giving example for them, the importance is creating of maintaining harmony each others.