Penerapan Alat Peniris Serbaguna Model Silinder Sistem Sentrifuse Untuk Meningkatkan Mutu Dan Higienis Produk Kerupuk Jagung Kelimutu Sikumana Kota Kupang


Science for Society in Small Industries of Corn Crackers Kelimutu Sikumana Kota Kupang in the form of application of slicer has been implemented, one of the problems in the production of Kelimutu corn cracker is still a lot of oil in frying product which only drained on simple sieve and placed some time above cardboard that can cause lowering quality and low hygiene, so it is necessary to do the reduction of frying oil products corn chips cracker. In order to increase the added value and selling value of the product, it is necessary to synergy between Universities and Partners in the form of science and technology for the community. The main constituent component of a slicer is a cylinder plate as a bucket of a slicer, a cylinder slicer, an electric dynamo as a centrifuge system rotating motor and a load-bearing construction. The method of this program is the provision of materials, design and manufacture of tools, demonstration tools and the provision of a versatile cylinder system centrifuge model by team, tool simulation, special counseling at partner sites and suggestions as follow-up in production endurance. The output of this program can give the added value of production increase from 20 kg-30 kg of raw material to 40 kg - 50 kg,  corn raw material after cooking, dried, fried, processed and packed into 60 - 100 packs per 500 g with price Rp . 15,000.00 per pack. Or equivalent Rp. 900,000.00 to Rp 1,500,000.00 per production in the form of cash and consumptions, and non-greasy, clean, hybrid corn chip crackers