Madurese Typology and Characteristics Amelioration in Ahmad Sapardi's Short Story Pelean Klebun


This article aims to identify Madurese typology and characteristics within the short story Pelean Klebun by focusing on lexicon “Keras” and “Pedas” to produce new meaning and perspective of Madurese typology and characteristics. This article uses model of Semiotics analysis by Charles Sanders Peirce as methodological process to identify and create a new meaning and perspective on Madurese. The result of the analysis is Madurese typology and characteristics are depicted in lexicon “Keras” and “Pedas”, and supposed to produce two perspectives within the short story. As conclusion,  “Keras” and “Pedas” undergo a process of amelioration textually within the short story and contextually within various researches about Madurese local wisdom that reflects Madurese typology and characteristics.