Konsep Fathering Dalam Pengasuhan Anak Pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19 Di SDIT Al Barkah Depok


This study aims to determine the implementation and analyze the concept of fathering in parenting children during a pandemic at the Al Barkah Mekarsari Cimanggis Depok Integrated Islamic Elementary School. The research was conducted qualitatively with a literature study approach. The research sources are the Al-Qur'an (interpretation), books, and school documents. The fatherless phenomenon has a negative impact, namely the loss of a sense of security, children are more often absent from school, cognitively decreased, children, are more easily depressed, children, are more antisocial, and more often sick and psychologically depressed. Implementing the father's personality principles is a solution for fathers to be more effective in carrying out the father's role towards their children during the co-19 pandemic. The implementation of father's personality principles in parenting children during the Covid-19 pandemic is: (1) Setting an example. (2) Apply parenting and education with habits. (3) Give advice to children with love. (4) Always provide attention and a good environment, (5) Be wise with children. (6) A father must always pray to Allah for the good of his child.