Ta?lil Nu?u? Kitab al-Lughah al-`Arabiyyah li al-?aff al-?ani fi al-Mar?alah al-Mutawassi?ah (Dirasah Ta?lil al-Mu?tawa min ?ai? al-Qawa`id al-Na?wiyyah)


The book "Darsu Al-Lughah Al-Arabiyah" is one of the books used by students to learn Arabic. This book contains various teaching materials, including the Qawaid Nahwu and reading. After making observations, researchers see that the grammar content in the reading is not in accordance with the grammar material that has been taught. Therefore, this research was conducted to identify the content of reading texts and elements that contradicted grammar material as well as knowing the efforts made by the teacher to overcome this problem. This research is content analysis and data collection is done through observation, documentation, and interviews. The sample is the class II book "Darsu Al-Lughah Al-Arabiyah". The results of the study indicate that the content of the reading text in this book consists of grammar that has been learned and grammar that is not learned. Grammar has been studied totaling 77 examples, while those not studied are 144 examples and the efforts made by the teacher to overcome this problem are by conducting textbook assessments, observing the material in the book, providing references to other teaching materials , provide additional material, and equip themselves with a variety of knowledge and experience and so on.