The Effectiveness KIPAS Model of Counseling Using Self Management Techniques to Improve Hardworking Character Value


The low character of hard work by some eighth grade students at Junior high school 10 Banjarmasin affects students by studying at school, many students do not collect the assignments given by the teacher on the specified collection time limit, do not look for alternative solutions to problems when they are faced with obstacles in completing tasks, for example by cheating. This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the KIPAS model of counseling services using Self Management techniques in improving the hard work character of eighth grade students of Junior high school 10 Banjarmasin. The researcher conducted a quantitative study using the experimental method, namely the quasi-experimental design in the form of the non-equivalent pretest-posttest group design. This research was conducted at Junior high school Banjarmasin1. The researcher used a questionnaire with inclusion criteria and purposive sampling technique with a total of 6 students as respondents. The results of this study show that there are differences in the level of hard work characters before and after the provision of counseling services using the KIPAS model using the Self Management technique. Therefore, the KIPAS model of counseling service using the Self Management technique is effective in improving the hard working character of class VIII students at Junior high school 10 Banjarmasin.