Sidik Jari dalam Al-Qur'an (Kajian Tafsir Ilmi)


This study aims to reveal the meaning of fingerprints in the Koran, and to relate it to scientific studies. This research is motivated by the existence of a verse that discusses human fingers which indicate a scientific discovery, namely fingerprints. Therefore, to reveal these indications, an in-depth study is needed to find out the content and meanings of the finger verse, as well as to reveal the interpretations of scholarly commentators such as Zaghlul al-Najjar and Tantawi Jauhari. And relate it to scientific studies. The method that the author uses is a descriptive method in the form of library research. The results of this study indicate that the word banânah has a very strong relationship with science, where the meaning of the word banânah is the tip of each finger and it is also explained in science that at each fingertip there is a certain pattern in the form of lines. This line reveals various kinds of secrets that describe the greatness of Allah towards what he created.