Filantropi Islam Menjawab Problem Kesenjangan Ekonomi Umat


Economic inequality is an imbalance that separates the rich and the poor. It is a socio-economic problem that is currently occurring in the global realm, including in Indonesia itself. Therefore, economic disparity is a serious problem that must be resolved. According to Islam, the economic gap between rich and poor is sunnatullah. Because in essence humans are different circumstances, some are destined to be rich and some are the other way around. However, Allah forbids every behavior that causes poverty and inequality, such as not wanting to help the needy, poor and leaving them in hunger. Among the solutions offered by Islam in addressing economic inequality is Islamic philanthropy. Through an authoritative literature review or library research, it can be concluded that, first, the causes of economic inequality are caused by three factors, namely: natural, cultural and structural factors. This is due to the influence of the capitalist system and materialism. Second, there are many very bad impacts of economic inequality such as rebellion, crime, radicalism, poverty, national income according to, and hampered national development. Third, Islam resolves the gap by behaving fairly, especially in the economy, helping each other, and increasing awareness about the importance of zakat, waqf, infaq and alms, all of which are Islamic philanthropy