There has been a wave of homosexual behavior in society. Some have associated these deeds with those of the prophet Luth. One cause of the widespread growth of homosexuals in society is their indifference to this behavior. Islam generally forbids the practice. But in the last four years, certain studies have emerged that homosexuality is inherently natural, Something “given” in nature or in the fiqh language is called sunnatullah, which has nothing to do with the prophet Luth.This study focuses on studying verses about the prophet Luth’s story in tafsir Al-Azhar, the work of a nusantara priest, Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah or more commonly known as Hamka, and homosexual behavior in the interpretation of those verses. This study is a kind of literary study using this method of study is an analytical descriptive. This study shows that the teachings of the prophet luth as expressed in the Al Qur’an are associated with Tauhid and Shari’at. The prophet Luth opposed the teachings he taught. Homosexual conduct was one of the perversions and allusions of the sodomites to the tract given by the prophet Luth. Homosexuality is the predominant sexual perversion. And the story of the prophet Luth mentioned in the Al Qur’an may be summed up,thought it is not spelled out in detail what it says.