The pronouncing of the word tasbih is found in many places in the holy Qur`an. There is no matter repeating Qur`an but this matter has high position and to be attention by the reader. Qur`an states that not only human as the leader in earth say tasbih but also universe and all the content also said tasbih to Allah Ta’âla. This research is aimed to understand the interpretation toward verses talked about universe tasbih in Mafâtîh Al-Ghaib interprete and interpretation method used by the writer. The approach used in this research is maudhu’i approach with the kind research library re- search. Begining with fixing the theme that will be discuss, collect verses related to the liter- ary of the determined source. The analysis result of this research is known that Mafâtîh Al-Ghaib interpretation explained mukallaf creature say tasbih to Allah in two ways: first, with lisân al-maqâl. The second with the action (lisân al-hâl) that showed the rustic to Allah, glorify, and purify. And the tasbih of Ghairu Mukallaf creature is like annual, plant, and the dead things, so the tasbih is done by the lisân al-hâl. Whereas the method used in interpretation toward universe tasbih among of them attend to the relation (munâsabah) between the verses, arrangement and the diction in the verse, explanation idea that opposite in detail to argue later, and the interpretation domi- nated by writer ra`yu.