This research is based on the study of the impact of pornography at the human brain, espe- cially in the PFC (Pre Frontal Cortex). Through the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagine) the brain affected by pornography shows damages in five parts of the brain. It decreases the moral. Therefore, those who are suffering from this impact would lose their job, become unproductive, even their family lives would be broken. PFC is like a leader at the brain, with this part human concentrate, differenciate the right from the wrong. In this part the logic ex- ists in which makes the human different from animal. Abdul Majid bin Azzindani conducted a study on many tafseer books (interpretation of the Quran) for more than 10 years to figure out the meaning of naasiyah in the Quran verse. He finally figured out the meaning of naasiyah. The meaning of naasiyah is not the fontanel which lies. Naasiyah has figurative meaning. Naasiyah is named as fontanel which lies because it’s in the front part of the head. Whereas, the lier in this verse is the person. The purpose of this study is to figure out the meaning of naasiyah, to figure out the cause of broken naasiyah, to figure out the miracle of naasiyah according to azzindani. This research is qualitative research that produces descriptive data collected from the many resources. This research is also going to be library documentation in which the data collected from many resources. The results of this study explain that naasiyah is a center of control in humans and animals. Hence it's concluded that naasiyah is a miracle of the brain, for humans as well as for animals.