STUDI AYAT-AYAT HIJAB (Tafsir Al-Ibrîz Karya KH. Bisyri Musthafa)


Muslimah was commanded in Islam to keeping her part of the body which may not be vi- sible while permorming a ritual (aurat). It is very important, Rasulullah said: if was muslimah wearing a dress, but on Islam her naked. Purpose this word is her not smell of heaven, mus- limah bearing dress but her body standt out, smell of heaven can smell long distance between. Allah was commanded to muslimah bear hijab on dalam surah An-Nûr verse 31, surah Al- Ahzâb verse 32, 33, 53 and 59. Method is used on this research a them research. The puspose a object thorough system analisis Al-Qur’an based problem topic, gather from verses on Al-Qur’an studied a topic and analised by them analisys. Product from this research, first, study verses hijab on the surah verse 31, surah Al-Ahzâb verse 32, 33, 53 and 59. Second, limit aurat muslimah a her palm of hand and her face. Third, mahram for muslimah are eleven, there are husband, father, parent in law, step child, nephew from brother, nephew from sister, servant, a man not have voluptous feeling to women and a child not know aurat muslimah.