Telaah Ayat-Ayat Tentang Abû Bakar Ash-Shiddîq dalam Al-Qur`an Menurut Tafsir Al-Misbah


The best generation is the generation of sahaba. Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq was one of the best among them. With his noble character, even though his name is not written in the Al-Qur’an, there are at least 16 topics in the Al-Qur’an that was revealed about him. The research takes it focus on the Al-Qur’an verses that related to Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq according to M. Quraish Shibab’s Tafseer Al-Misbah which is one of the archipelago’s best tafseer that give its prioritize its discussion to the society and community matters. This research is library research based with thematical approach. The result of this research shows that the inter- pretation of the verses of Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq in M. Quraish Shihab’s Tafsir Al-Misbah was done by using a sistematic tahlili method, however, there are some particular aspect that were missed in some of the context: a) Asbabu An-Nuzul, Ali Imran: 159, Ali Imran: 186, Al-Hijr: 47, Al-Ahzab: 43, Ar-Rohman: 46, At-Tahrim: 4, Al-Lail: 5-16; b) The strengthen- ing of the interpretation by Hadits and Sirah, Al-Anfal: 67-68; c) Islamic Law, the details of ghanimah distribution. Also, one of the most superior aspect in this interpretation is the study of munasabat, which is divided into 6 kinds. M. Quraish Shihab’s interpretation is can be concluded within the Ahlu As-Sunnah Wa Al-Jammah scholars, it is not found any proof that indicates his interpretation is leaning to the syiah sect. This research also conclude about the moral value of Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq himself, such as, piety, becoming a best friend, gener- ous, courage, forgiving, repent, etc.