Penafsiran Lafadz Ifk dalam Tafsir asy-Sya’rawi


Ifk word from various forms of derivation 30 times in the al-Qur’an. In al-Qur’an ifk word can identified as hoax.. So the excavation of verses relating to the spread of false news in the al-Qur’an is important in order to be taken in accordance wit the al-Qur’an in dealing with the phenomenon of false news today. This research aims to find out the meaning of ifk words and ethics in responding to a news in Tafsîr asy-Sya’râwî. This research is included in the type of library research,with the main data source that is Tafsîr asy-Sya’râwî. The data collection technique which used is documentation technique, namely by collecting a number of data from journals, books and others. The method used in this study is maudhu’i (descriptive analytic) method, namely by collecting verses in which there is an ifk word, then describing and classifying the meaning of the verses according to the interpretation of asy-Sya’rawi. Classified the meaning of ifk word in Tafsîr asy-Sya’râwî based on the form of its derivation, those meaning which are reversing facts or realities, turning away, deliberate lies, the ugliest lies, and the people of Prophet Luth (the people who were inverted). From the interpretation of asy-Sya’rawi on ifk word, can take some ethics that can be used avoid false news, which is to receive and deliver clear truth, hold back and keep quit still before giving the news to avoid lying, convey according the fact or reality and stay away from prejudice, and educating the muslims.