Prayer is a worship ritual that is obligatory for every Muslim. The author takes the story of the prayer of the Prophet Moses because it has the privilege of being similar to the story of the Prophet Muhammad in terms of sharia, and the name of the Prophet Moses is mentioned more than other prophets until it is repeated 130 times in the Qur’an. This study examines the prayer of Prophet Musa in Tafsir Al-Maraghi by Ahmad Musthafa Al-Maraghi. A monumental book of commentary with a modern style of delivery so that it is easier to understand. The aims of study to determine the interpretation of the prayers of the Prophet Moses in the Qur’an and the provisions of prayer according to the interpretation of Al-Maraghi. This research is included in the type of literature research. The method used in this study is the maudh’I method. The results of this study indicate the interpretation of the prayers of the Prophet Musa in the phases of the life of the Prophet Musa, namely the first phase since he was in Egypt before the prophethood, the second phase when he migrated to Madyan and the third phase when he returned to Egypt after the prophethood. The interpretation of the prayer of the Prophet Moses in terms of praying in general obtained 4 categories, namely sincerity in praying, believing that the prayer will be answered, repenting and having good thoughts to Allah.