Al-Qur'an has explained that life is colored by exams. The test is pronounced using the lafazh Al-balā. exams can take the form of pros and cons. But often in the social culture of the Indonesian nation is interpreted as something that has a negative connotation. Therefore, the author will study the meaning of Al balā ', as well as display the advantages and disadvantages of the book of tafsir Al-Mishbah. In Arabic, Al-balā ' means al-Ikhtibar, it also means trials and tribulations (Al Ihtibaru wa Al-Imtihanu), Al-balā' means joy so that one becomes more grateful to Allah and also means hardship so that one can be more patient. This research aims to determine the meaning of al-bala ' in Tafsîr Al-Mishbâh . This research is a library research. The method used in this research is to use the thematic method (maudhu'i). The primary source used is the book Tafsîr Al-Mishbâh and books related to the theme of Al-balā '. The results of this study, explain that lafazh al-bala means a test that includes good and bad. As for the advantages of the book of tafsir Al-misbah, among others, using the Indonesian language that can facilitate the readers, Tafsir Al-Mishbah includes contemporary previous archipelago, its sources use tafsirs that perfect the tafsirs of the Tafsir bil Ma'tsur and bi ar-Ra'yi, always consistent in parsing the sentences in each verse of the Qur'an, the use of various references so that it is easy to understand various circles, The disadvantage is the interpretation using the Indonesian language which shows the tafsir tafsir is local, also more dominated bil ra'yi. M. Quraish Shihab also sometimes quoted the opinions of scholars, Orientalists, Western philosophers, as well as the books of the old and new testaments and Shiite commentators. repetition that can give rise to saturation. Researchers hope that further researchers will be able to study the theme of Al Balā ' in the interpretation of Al-Mishbah more widely and include verses as well as derivatives from the Qur'an to be easier to understand and useful for others.