Here are a plethora of treasonous occurrences that occur in society, nearly in every sort of connection with other people that involves deception. Despite the fact that religion forbids and forbids humans who are straight in their nature from saying that the deed is evil and unworthy. Leaders or those in positions of authority who frequently deceive the people or those under their command, in buying and selling, such as having cheap and reducing scales, and in making honesty by being honest and cheating in practice are among the activities that frequently occur in society. exam. Treason is defined as betrayal and dishonesty. Meanwhile, in the Indonesian dictionary, treason is defined as someone who is untrustworthy, breaches commitments, and commits deceitful acts of treachery that God despises. This is a library research project employing documentation as a data gathering strategy. The term thematic approach, which is a thematic study model that explicitly investigates certain terms in the Al-Qur'an, was employed as the data analysis tool. Tafsir Al-Mishbah by M. Quraish Shihab is the primary data source or main reference (Lentera Hati: Tangerang, 2016, revised edition). Supporting books, literature from books, scientific journals, undergraduate theses, theses, and articles pertinent to the issue are examples of secondary data sources for interpretation.