PERJUANGAN MENCARI RUANG: Jedoran, Media Islamisasi, Dan Peminggiran Kesenian Islam Tulungagung 1970-1982


This study is a concrete effort to trace the dynamics of Jedoran Tulungagung 1970-1982. This temporal term became the starting point for the paradigm shift of the Tulungagung people in interpreting Islamic art. The emergence of the 'Popular' prayer reduced the public's interest in Jedoran as an acculturative (Islamic and Javanese) shalawat art which has contributed to the history of Islamization in Tulungagung. The study used historical research methodologies, namely: heuristics, source criticism, interpretation, and historiography. The results of this study indicate that there is one major narrative that masterminds the dim existence of Jedoran from the Tulungagung art scene. This factor was the entry of the “Popular Islam” paradigm, which at that time was rapidly developing through radio, television and mobile phones in almost all parts of Indonesia. This has gradually resulted in the decline in people's appetite for acculturative Islamic arts such as Jedoran. This factor is supported by two other situations, namely the cultural atmosphere in Tulungagung in general after 1965 and the difficulty in studying Jedoran which makes regeneration difficult.