Speech Acts on Novel Entitled “Al-Zaynī Barakāt” by Jamal al-Ghitani: a Pragmatics Study


This study aims to describe and convey the types and the purpose of each speech acts in a novel entitled Al-Zaynī Barakāt written by Jamal Al-Ghitani. Using a character or place as a title of each chapter, the novel consists of 272 pages with seven sub-chapters. The research focusses on examining locutionary and illocutionary speech acts. In doing analysis, the researcher uses Austin's theory (1962) combined with Searle's theory (1969) for examining perlocutionary speech acts.  Using a qualitative approach, the type of research is descriptive research.  Data collection techniques were carried out by recording speeches, reading the script, identifying speech values. The data analysis methods were carried out using qualitative descriptive techniques and pragmatic analysis. Finally, the presentation of data as outlined in a written report.