Istirātījiyyāt Ta’līm Mahārah Al-Kalām ‘ala Dhou’ Al-Nazariyyah Al-Sulūkiyyah “Behaviorism Theory” bima’had Al-Ansor Padang Sidempuan


One of the most important aspects of learning is the  strategy. Basically every educational institution has diverse strategies in delivering learning materials. As a typical educational institution, Pesantren has a unique learning strategy. This study aims to uncover the learning strategies of speaking skills in the al-Ansar boarding school and the learning of speaking skills based on the theory of behaviourism. This research used a descriptive qualitative approach with a case study research method. Researchers obtained data through observation, interviews and documentation. Data analysis was done through classification, data presentation, and drawing conclusions based on Milles and Huberman's theories. The results of this study are as follwos. 1) Strategies for teaching speaking skills are: Shobah al-lughah, Tabligh, language festival competitions and application of substantive conversation, language gam., 2) Strategies for teaching speaking skills in behaviourism theory are Shobah al-lughah, Tabligh and language festival competitions. The findings generated in this study were the learning of speaking skills using behaviourism theory gradually affect the students' speaking skills.