Development of Al-Quran Integrated Physics Practicum Manual in Accordance with the 2013 Curriculum to Develop Practical Skills, Scientific Attitudes, and Religious Attitudes for IT/MA High School Students


Based on questionnaire data distributed to 27 first-year students participating in the Basic Physics course at IAIN Batusangkar, the data obtained are: 1) 37% of students have never done physics practicum activities, 63% of students have done physics practicum activities, 2) 100% of students are not used to compiling reports on practicum activities, 3) 100% of students are not given a practice guide and 4) 93% of students, their physics learning is not associated with Islamic values, 7% of students' physics learning is associated with religion. Furthermore, interviews with 5 physics teachers from SMA/MA, it was found that: 1) there is no guidebook for physics practicum in accordance with the 2013 curriculum in their schools, 2) Physics learning in schools not integrated with the Alquran. This study aims to produce an integrated Al-Quran physics practicum manual in accordance with the 2013 curriculum for SMA/MA which is valid, practical, and effective. Based on the results of the data analysis that has been carried out, it can be concluded that the results of the validation of the physics practicum manual are categorized as very valid with a validity percentage of 83%. The results of the practicality of the products developed are categorized as highly practical with the percentage of practicality of 89.4%. The data from the observation of students' attitudes and practical skills found that the physics practicum manual was effective for developing practical skills, with an average score of 78.5, scientific attitude 77.8, and religious attitude 84.5 (scale value of 100).