HOTS-Based Integrative E-Module Development On Self-Regulated Learning Learners


This study aims to develop a HOTS-based integrative e-module that can train students' independent learning. The research instruments used are validation sheets and practical questionnaires with a Likert scale. The results of this study can find out several aspects of eligibility according to validators and from the response of educators or learners from the development of learning media in the form of E-Modules in mathematics learning. As for the validity results of several validators, it shows that this HOTS-based integrative E-Module obtained the criteria "Very Valid" with an average value of several validation sheets of 88.34%. Furthermore, for practicality questionnaires, educators obtained the criteria "Very Practical" with an average score of 100%, and the practicality questionnaire of learners obtained the "Practical" criteria with an average score of 77.13%.