Chemical Analyze of Beta-Carotene in Indonesia Local Fruit


Indonesia has different types of plants and fruits. Fruits, vegetables, and tubers can contain beta-carotene and are antioxidants. Generally, local fruits have bright colors such as red, orange and yellow, such as mango, papaya, orange, persimmon, etc. The purpose of this study was to identify beta-carotene compounds found in fruit. The findings are designed to inform the public about the importance of beta-carotene in fruit. The samples measured in this study included pineapple, papaya, guava, Medan orange, star fruit, melon, mango, banana, and dragon. All samples are from traditional markets in Bekasi. The research method used was UV-Vis spectrophotometry. Beta-carotene measurements were performed at a wavelength of 450 nm. The highest content of beta-carotene was found in pineapple at 123.36 micrograms per milliliter, while the lowest was found in dragon fruit, at 2.253 micrograms per milliliter. Pineapple flesh contains sugar, vitamins, minerals, and retinol, and its pale yellow color indicates the presence of beta-carotene.