The Influence of Attitude and Need for Cognition on Student’s Purchase Intention Behavior on Halal Food: Schools Clustering Perspective


The halal food study is one of the research fields in halal trend which prominent. Currently, the halal food concept is not only the worship of Muslims to Allah, but also this concept is adopted by non-Muslim with healthy lifestyle considerations. Therefore, the insight of the influenced variable on purchased intention behavior of students is crucial to research as basic information for all stakeholders, such as the seller, marketer, policymaker, government, and researchers. A quantitative approach has investigated the influence of attitude and need for cognition variables on student’s purchase intention behavior on halal food. This research aimed to explore the independent variable that influenced students' purchase intention behavior. Then, the other aim is to compare them through the school's clustering perspective. The self-administrated questionnaire was used to collect the data from 561 respondents and inputted into the Survey123 software. The data were analyzed using descriptive and interferential statistics. The result showed that attitude toward halal (HA) and need for cognition (NC) were accepted as the influenced variable on halal food purchase intention behavior. Furthermore, the students from Islamic schools tended to have purchase intention on halal than senior high school. The result of this study could be strategic marketing in the halal food industry. Then, the school must strengthen halal awareness in the syllabus.