The Concept of Mental Health and Mental Care: A Study of Zakiah Daradjat's Thoughts


This research is to uncover Zakiah Daradjat's thoughts on the concept of mental health and mental care. The research method used is library research with content analysis techniques. The results of the study show that as a religious psychologist, Zakiah Daradjat sees spirituality as mental therapy. Mental health is the ability to adjust to yourself, with other people and society and the environment in which he lives. To form a healthy mentality in addition to adjusting, as well as calmness of life, knowing psychiatric disorders / mental illness, spiritual and Islamic education which includes family education, school, society. In his opinion Indeed the peace of life, peace of mind or inner happiness, does not depend much on external factors such as social, economic, political, customary habits and as such; but more depends on the way and attitude to face these factors. So what determines calmness and happiness of life is mental health. Mental health is what determines a person's response to a problem, and his ability to adjust. Mental health is what determines whether people will have the excitement to live or be passive and lackluster. While mental care through creating a relationship between the consultant and the child, accepting the child seriously, forgiving the child (tolerance), knowing the feelings of the child and then reflecting his head, still respecting the child, the child who leads him in the treatment sessions, may not scramble for treatment, and limit restrictions.