Technology in ELT contexts: does Google Classroom provide satisfactory online classrooms climate for university students?


For more than two decades, online learning has been employed to replace f2f instructions. GC has widely recognized to manage digital learning environment. While extensive research has investigated digital classroom mediated by GoogleClassroom (GC), there is paucity of research exploring participants’ views about GC-mediated online learning situated in Indonesian higher education (HE) contexts. We employed a sequential-explanatory research (Creswell, 2018; 2014) intended to explore in-depth the undergraduate students’ perceptions about the in-class use of Google Classroom in EFL settings. There were six (N=6) undergraduate students from private Indonesia university consented to participate in this study. We administered a web-based five point Likert scale questionnaire to collect any necessary data. Also, a semi-structured interview was conducted to explore their in-depth feelings to the selected participants. The results indicated that GC offered enormous potential benefits for organizing online teaching-learning processes. Implications, conclusions, limitations, and recommendations were then discussed.