Proses Penyusunan Desain Pembelajaran dan Konsep Evaluasi Formatif di SDIT Aryadillah


This learning design preparation article contains reports on the implementation of community service activities in the form of learning design training for elementary school teachers in Tangerang City, Kp Bayur Pintu 1000. The training activities involved 4 teachers spread from various areas of Tangerang City, starting from grade I teachers to second grade elementary school. Develop learning designs to guide elementary school students in obtaining knowledge of learning preparation in elementary schools. The implementation used is a qualitative method. In this study, researchers collected descriptive data through observation, interviews and documentation. This assessment examines the effectiveness of formative assessment with instructional design media on student learning outcomes after controlling for initial knowledge. The research uses qualitative methods. The results showed that students learn with TEMA and LKS books and the Koran, and if learning uses conventional media it will be more effective if the formative assessment is done through quizzes.