Nilai-nilai Budaya dan Upaya Pembinaan Aktivitas Keagamaan di MTs N 1 Bantul


Culture is the pattern of basic assumptions of a group of people or the way of life of many people or patterns of human activity that are systematically passed down from generation to generation through various learning processes to create certain ways of life that are most suitable for their environment. In the implementation of culture, a coaching is needed so that it runs optimally. This study aims to find out about cultural values and the development of religious activities in MTs N 1 Bantul. The method used in this study uses quantitative research methods by conducting population research or certain samples, collecting data by interviewing as an instrument and measuring tools using observation and interview methods. The results of this study are the application of religious cultural values at MTSN 1 Bantul is by 5S (Greetings, Polite, Polite, Smile, greeting). applies to both online and offline learning.