Pengembangan Bahan Ajar Ensiklopedia IPA Berbasis Saintifik Kelas V SDN Karawaci Baru 6 Kota


This study aims to develop and obtain scientific-based science encyclopedia teaching materials that improve the understanding of fifth grade students. The development of these teaching materials follows the Dick & Carey product development procedure which includes 8 stages, namely: (1) Analysis and identification of priority needs, (2) Formulation product objectives, (3) Preparation of evaluation tools or instruments, (4) Preparation of materials or products, (5) Writing of production scripts and story boards, (6) Testing and validation, (7) Revisions, (8) Final production. The results of this study indicate that the developed encyclopedia teaching materials can be said to be feasible according to the results of field trials and validation tests of classroom teachers, product experts and material experts. The results of the research and development show that: (1) good quality products have been produced, according to product experts, material experts, 2 class teachers and 30 students, with an average result of 4; 4.05; 5; 4.73; 4.3, (2) Encyclopedia teaching materials have a very high level of interest for students with an average result of 4.4 and in the very good category, (3) Pre-test and post-test results are obtained with significant learning outcomes seen based on the average value of the post-test results, which is 80 and the t-test analysis shows that tcount > ttable, meaning that there is a significant effect on increasing understanding of invertebrate and vertebrate animal material by using the encyclopedia teaching materials developed for class V SDN Karawaci Baru 6.