Analisis Model Problem Based Learning (PBL) Menggunakan Aplikasi Grup Whatsapp dalam Pembelajaran Tematik Siswa Kelas IV SDN Kalideres 06 Pagi di Era Covid-19


This study aims to analyze the problem based learning (PBL) model of thematic learning using the whatsapp group application. Regarding thematic learning which contains lesson plans, learning processes, impacts or obstacles, learning assessments, learning evaluations, and teacher efforts to cope effectively. The method used in this study is a qualitative research method with data collection in the form of interviews, documentation, and observations. The results of this study reveal that online learning has a slightly effective effect, but the role of teachers and parents is very important in the teaching and learning process. In online learning, thematic material is difficult for fourth graders to understand, because the material is not fully delivered through whatsapp groups. In the teaching and learning process, teachers still have difficulty in evaluating or monitoring the problems experienced by students, so that they are limited to communicating with each other.