Kebijakan Program Kampus Mengajar antara Cita dan Fakta


The Minister of education and culture, Nadiem Makarim, pioneered the independent learning education, which is a form of response to the needs of the education system in Indonesia, this activity is also expected to advance the capacity and real dedication of universities and students in national development. This research uses a qualitative approach with a literature study method. For the sake of the realization of innovative, non limiting learning habits, and in accordance with the needs of each in college. This policy gives great hope for PTKIS ( Private Islamic Religious Universities ) to be able to develop rapidly and be able to develop the quality of the institution, as has been hoped for a long time by PTKIS. The advantages of this program are that it provides opportunities for students to hone their abilities, skills, integrity, independece, and understand various scientific aspects that become the capital and equipment of students in the future in facing employment. The drawbacks of this program are that the number of studies taken can interfere with the purpose of the study track and collaboration between a university and study programs with outside parties such as companies, industry, communities which is a challenge for small universities.