Analisis Kognitif Siswa dalam Menyelesaikan Masalah Pembagian Bilangan Bulat di MI Asy Syukriyyah Tangerang


This journal reviews the cognitive analysis of students in solving integer division problems at MI Asy Syukriyyah. This study aims to help teachers who have difficulty in teaching the division of integers to their students. This type of research is a qualitative research with a naturalistic paradigm. The research instruments are observation, interviews, and researchers as key instruments. The data sources of this research are the results of interviews with elementary school teachers, fourth grade teachers at MI Asy Syukriyyah, and students. The results showed that not all students or students were able to understand the material for dividing integers and the reason why due to the limitations of memorizing multiplication units that had to be placed at the top and bottom was often confused by children, the material was material on how to calculate tiered division. The teacher also provides ways to solve problems, namely by: 1) Performing daily multiplication memorization deposits regularly, and 2) Exercising sideways division, turning the numbers upside down.