Kepemimpinan di Lembaga Pendidikan Sekolah Islam Terpadu


Leadership and education are two different things. Leadership itself means a main object that has an influence on other objects, while education is an effort to create a learning atmosphere and learning process so that students are able to absorb or get something new, both in the form of knowledge and experience. On this occasion, we will discuss about leadership in an integrated Islamic school educational institution. In educational institutions, especially integrated Islam, leadership plays an important role and has a great responsibility, because it is the main mover and also a motivator for the organization he leads. In the leadership system, it must have its own style or characteristics in order to facilitate the pace of its leadership and also to facilitate the achievement of the vision and mission of the leadership. Leadership will be said to be successful if the pace of leadership is directed according to the initial goals of the organization. So the two things between leadership and education are important and interesting things for us to discuss thoroughly, so that we can also have the attitude and knowledge like a leader, especially in the world of education.