Eksistensi dan Metodologi Pendekatan Filosofis dalam Studi Islam


Focus of this research is how the philosophical approach is applied as a paradigm in the study of religion. This research uses themethod (library research). The results of this research are the philosophy of Islam or Islamic thought(islamicthougt)is a way of thinking, mentality, behavior that is inspired by the norms and teachings of Al-Quran and al-Sunnah. The correlation between philosophy and religion is philosophy as religion, philosophy as a servant of religion, philosophy as an opener of religious space, philosophy as the study of reasoning used in religious thought, philosophy as an analytical tool for religion. Classification of the methodology of thought in the treasures of Islamic philosophy as an approach to understanding religion, namely: Bayani, irfani,and burhani methodologies. Themethodology Bayani is a model of thinking methodology based on the text.methodology Irfani's is a model of thinking methodology based on a direct experience approach to religious spiritual reality. Meanwhile,methodology Burhani's is a model of thinking methodology that is not based on text and experience, but on the basis of logical coherence.