Upaya Peningkatan Kompetensi Guru dalam Menerapkan Model Pembelajaran melalui Supervisi Kelas di SDN 6 Suntalangu


The purpose of this school action research (SAR) is to determine the extent to which the supervision carried out by the principal followed by the provision of guidance/treatment to the target teachers can improve the competence of these teachers in applying learning models in the classroom. In this school action research (SAR) it was carried out in 2 cycles, from the results of the actions taken it was proven to be able to increase teacher competence by achieving completeness standards. In the first cycle, the increase in teacher competence after classroom supervision was carried out after coaching on the use of several new learning models reached about 33.33% in the second cycle, it could increase to 100%. The results of this school action research show that fostering school principals through academic supervision can improve teacher competence in implementing learning models in their respective classes.