Implementasi Program Ektrakurikuler dalam Meningkatkan Prestasi Akademik dan Non Akademik Siswa di SD Al Ma’soem Bandung Tahun 2021


Improving the Quality of an educational institution is viewed from various aspects, one of which is increasing achievement in extracurricular programs. Al - Ma'soem Foundation Bandung is a large educational institution and has a lot of potential in it, both through academic and non-academic achievements. The Al - MA'soem Foundation places great emphasis on and teaches discipline and a very high competitive attitude at all levels of education starting from the elementary - university level, the goal is to teach children not only to have good achievements, but also to reflect a good attitude. The purpose of writing this article is to find out the improvement of children's achievement at the elementary school (SD) level in Al - Ma'soem from the application of extracurricular programs, and later aims to be a good role model for children out there that the elementary school level can also excel and can provide motivation to continue to develop their potential through various broad interests. The potential of students who have been instilled since childhood can at least be an initial provision that can later be developed to the maximum at the next level and can become HR with superior competitiveness and achievement.