Su’u>batu Ta’allumi Al - lughotul Arabiyah fi> Maha>rati Al – kala>mi (Diro>satun Al – Ha>lati bima’had A- Nur Mojokerto)


Abstract: Religious subjects must be delivered in Islamic boarding schools such as Arabic, Islamic Religious Education and Alquran Hadith. Arabic has an important position as a subject that must be mastered by students especially among students because learning Arabic is the main key in understanding other religious sciences. there are four skills conveyed in learning Arabic; speak, write, listen and read Arabic. But the main purpose of this research is to focus on analyzing the difficulties of students in speaking Arabic by looking for the main causative factors and providing solutions linguistically and non-linguistically. This research is descriptive qualitative, the data collection method uses observation, interviews and documentation. The analysis technique uses data reduction, data presentation and making data conclusions. Conclusion From the results of this study are; first, students lack confidence when speaking Arabic. Second, there is a great deal of concern over mistakes in using Arabic grammar. Third, the lack of opponents to communicate in Arabic (environment).