Peran Badan Keswadayaan Masyarakat (BKM) Citra Dharma Mulya Sebagai Basis Ekonomi Maslahah di Desa Trimulyo Jetis Bantul


This study aims to determine the normative, ideal, and factual roles of BKM Citra Dharma Mulya as the maslahah economic base for problems in Trimulyo, Jetis, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This study is a qualitative field research with case study. The data collection techniques include primary data, namely observation, interviews, and documentation. While secondary data, namely the collection of books, articles, journals, documentation files, and library materials related to study. The study results showed that: (1) the ideal role of BKM in accordance with the guidelines for implementing PNPM Mandiri Urban, among others: mobilizing citizens in a participatory manner to formulate plans for poverty problems, generating various empowerment activities for the poor, and so on. (2) The normative role of BKM Citra Dharma Mulya as a maslahah economic base includes: work planning for BKM Citra Dharma Mulya, Secretarial Work Program, special program for BKM Citra Dharma Mulya, and UPK, UPL, and UPS Work Programs. (3) The factual roles of BKM Citra Dharma Mulya include: organizing the community in a participatory manner through decision-making councils, upholding noble values, fostering various empowerment activities, and supervising the BLM implementation process.