Non Performing Finance: Bagaimana Pengawasan Pembiayaan di Baitul Maal Wa Tamwil?


This study intends to examine how BMT Mubarakah Kudus supervises funding, specifically Murabahah Financing Supervision and Murabahah Financing Supervision Assessment. This research technique employs a qualitative approach and relies on primary data, that is, information gathered directly from the field through direct observations and interviews. After that, secondary data was collected from books and journals under the title Analysis of Financing Supervision. According to the findings of this research, BMT Mubarakah Undaan Kudus offers Murabahah as a sort of finance. BMT Mubarakah Undaan Kudus undertakes murabahah finance monitoring activities, such as preventative and repressive supervision. BMT Mubarakah Kudus analyzes murabahah financing supervision utilizing character, capital, capacity, collecteral, and condition analysis (5C). Surveillance of murabahah finance at BMT Mubarakah Undaan Kudus by direct and administrative monitoring.