Madrasah Ibtidaiyah teachers are teachers who have the responsibility of teaching in educational institutions that combine general lessons with religious lessons and in order to integrate religious and general lessons of course require professional teachers or their own expertise in carrying out the learning process. That is why the professionalism of a teacher is a reflection of a teacher's ethics, if a teacher is not professional in the learning process it means they reflect bad ethics and if a teacher displays professionally in the learning process it is a sign that they have good ethics in the learning process. Madrasa teacher ethics in learning are reflected in the activities of a teacher, how teachers are kind to students, fellow teachers, parents of students and especially teachers display attitudes and behavior in the learning process. The attitudes and behavior of teachers are reflected in designing the learning process as a sense of responsibility for the profession as teachers, parents, society and religion and being able to involve various components in the learning process and realize learning goals. In fact, there is a reciprocity between what should be and reality because there are still many teachers who are unethical towards students, fellow teachers, parents of the community and even in terms of the learning process there are deviations in the process both related to planning and teaching. in this case a teacher must have expertise and professionalism in practice.