Sufistic Meditation Therapy in Coping with Stress: A Case Study of Class 11 Online Students MAN 2 Subang


Online learning during the pandemic triggers stress on students, a different learning system than usual is a new demand for students. Not a few students feel overwhelmed with the tasks given. There are cases of students committing suicide due to the pressure of the task during online learning. Sufistic meditation therapy is expected to be a solution in dealing with stress that occurs due to online learning. The purpose of this study was to determine the method of Sufistic meditation therapy used and how the role of Sufistic meditation therapy in dealing with stress in online students. The result of this study is that Sufistic meditation therapy is able to overcome the stress experienced by students due to online learning because Sufistic meditation therapy can provide peace of mind and mind. The conclusion of this study is that Sufistic meditation therapy can be a solution in creating calm within a person when experiencing tension, pressure and demands that result in stress. Sufistic meditation therapy has a positive impact on the body in controlling emotions.