Sufistic Value in Reading Kitab al-Barzanji: Descriptive Analysis Study on Santri at Islamic Boarding Schools Nurul Ihsan Garut


Kitab al-Barzanji is a work compiled by Sheikh Ja'far al-Barzanji based on his love for the Prophet Muhammad which contains the history of his life and the noble personality of the Prophet Muhammad. The purpose of this study is to analyze the value of Sufism in the reading of Kitab al-Barzanji at the Nurul Ihsan Islamic Boarding School. The type of this research is qualitative research using descriptive analysis approach. While the data collection techniques in this study were observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that the importance of reading Kitab al-Barzanji at the Nurul Ihsan Islamic Boarding School is to form the character of students who have noble character, increase love for the Prophet Muhammad, and participate in preserving traditions that have taken place in society. While the Sufistic values contained in reading the Book of al-Barzanji are at-tawadhu ', al-mahabbah, al-shabr, and at-tawakkal.