Status Ahli Waris Muslim Terhadap Harta Pewaris Non-Muslim Perspektif Yusûf Al-Qarḍâwî


The legal realignment of the inheritance in Indonesia was legally regulated through laws passed, such as KHI and KUHpdt. Whereas legally non-constitutional acts are in accordance with living laws. When it comes to inherited religious laws, it seems too sensitive to discuss in such a haphazard way that studies of semantics should be conducted. It is therefore intended to make thematic and scientific discussion efforts, so it is hoped that the result will be a soluble consideration for addressing the different religious legacies. As for the research method, the author uses is library research by making the maqâṣîd asy-Syarîʻah yusûf al-Qarḍâwî theory one of his basic analyses. From research it is understandable that yusûf al-Qarḍâwî held the right to inherit Muslim heirs to his non-muslim properties.