Coping strategy of a single mother in overcoming child inferiority attitude


Inferiority can arise for children who do not get the father’s role, especially when comparing themselves to their friend who still has a father. This study aims to find out the inferiority attitude displayed by children who have a single mother and know the coping strategies of single-parent mothers overcoming the child’s inferiority attitude. The study subjects were three single-parent mothers in Gampong Birem Puntong Kota Langsa whose children had inferiority and families with purposive sampling techniques. The research method used is qualitative with a descriptive approach—data collection techniques through observation and interviews. The data analysis was done by data reduction, data presentation, and verification or inference of data. The results showed that the inferiority displayed by children who have a single mother arises due to losing a father figure. Single mother coping strategies overcome the child’s inferiority by making a plan that is arranged according to the needs of the child, then carrying it out in accordance with the right time, overcoming obstacles when carrying it out, and having the last step in the form of follow-up to evaluate and supervise every development experienced by the child