Implementasi Deep Learning untuk Entity Matching pada Dataset Obat (Studi Kasus K24 dan Farmaku)


Data processing speed in companies is important to speed up their analysis. Entity matching is a computational process that companies can perform in data processing. In conducting data processing, entity matching plays a role in determining two different data but referring to the same entity. Entity matching problems arise when the dataset used in the comparison is large. The deep learning concept is one of the solutions in dealing with entity matching problems. DeepMatcher is a python package based on a deep learning model architecture that can solve entity matching problems. The purpose of this study was to determine the matching between the two datasets with the application of DeepMatcher in entity matching using drug data from and The comparison model used is the Hybrid model. Based on the test results, the Hybrid model produces accurate numbers, so that the entity matching used in this study runs well. The best accuracy value of the 10th training with an F1 value of 30.30, a precision value of 17.86, and a recall value of 100.